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Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

Updated: Jul 2

Tokyo Auto Salon 2024: A Record-Breaking Event

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 achieved a remarkable milestone, attracting 230,730 attendees, a significant increase of 56,390 from the previous year. This surge underscores the growing popularity of the event, held annually at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City. The 2025 edition is scheduled for January 10th to 12th.

In its 42nd edition, the Tokyo Auto Salon stands as the world's premier custom car show. It originated in 1983 as the "Tokyo Exciting Car Show" and adopted its current name in 1987. This year's event featured an impressive array of exhibits from automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and tuning car brands.

Highlights included the debut of the evolved GR Yaris from TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, the Nissan Ariya NISMO, Honda Civic RS Prototype, Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport♯, and the Caterham Project V. Motorsports enthusiasts were treated to presentations from Subaru, Mazda, TEAM UPGARAGE, ROOKIE Racing, and the two-wheeler TONE RT SYNCEDGE 4413 BMW.

The outdoor venue buzzed with thrilling activities, such as the D1GP Kickoff Drift, Nissan/NISMO's electric sports vehicle demonstrations, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's rally demos, and Hyundai's debut with N moment/Hyundai. These dynamic performances captivated fans with their powerful displays.

The event kicked off on January 12th with an industry and media preview, attracting 51,014 attendees. The public opening on January 13th saw 95,081 visitors, despite initially clear weather turning to rain and temporary snowfall. The final day, January 14th, drew 83,978 attendees, culminating in a total of 230,730 over three days.

Additionally, the Online Auto Salon platform garnered 295,412 live streaming views, surpassing the previous year's performance by over 110,000 views.

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 featured 378 exhibiting companies, 893 displayed vehicles, and 4,329 booths, all increases from the previous year. Notably, Mad Mike will compete in the D1 Grand Prix equipped with PROXES R888R tires, continuing his partnership from Formula Drift.

Looking forward, the next Tokyo Auto Salon promises to build on this year's success, scheduled for January 10th to 12th, 2025, at Makuhari Messe.

Mad Mike Whiddett’s Mazda 808/RX-3 Wagon “FURSTY”: A Deep Dive

Starting with the unique machine build, the base vehicle is a Mazda 'Savanna RX-3 Wagon,' a car that Mike personally drove in New Zealand two decades ago. This remake, filled with nostalgic memories, aims to realize Mike's ideal vision with the help of his long-time partner, TCP Magic.

The car is equipped with a 4-rotor NA engine, featuring a peripheral port configuration that produces a maximum of approximately 600 horsepower. This engine is the same R26B engine found in Mazda's legendary racing car, the '787B.' The engine room showcases beautifully horizontally arranged intake funnels, designed for high-rev peak power.

The vehicle utilizes a Haltech computer, managed by the company's Nexus R5 ECU. The radiator is from PCR, while the fuel lines, pumps, and tank are supplied by Radium Engineering, with TM LABO handling the settings. The drive shaft is manufactured by The Driveshaft Shop, paired with a quick-change differential.

The transmission is an HGT sequential model with a hydraulic side brake for drifting. The suspension system is from KW, and the brakes are Wilwood, featuring 4-pot calipers at the front and twin calipers at the rear. The car also includes two full bucket seats from Bride, positioned centrally for optimal driving posture.

The exterior's finish is extraordinary, with Rocket Bunny's aero parts rapidly created by designer Kei Miura specifically for this Auto Salon. These aero parts, produced using a 3D scan of the car, fit perfectly.

The ultra-wide fenders accommodate racing-spec tires up to 17 inches. Both the front and rear feature lip spoilers and wings, crafting a wild and race-ready image.

The wheels are from Rotiform, with different designs for the front and rear, adding a playful touch. The front wheels are specially marked with Mike's signature 'MM' logo.

The one-off roll cage, built to regulation, is impressive. Given the inherent rigidity challenges of a wagon, extensive modifications were made. The roll cage is meticulously integrated and painted to match the body, giving it a seamless look.

The tires are TOYO TIRES' "PROXES R888R," known for their maximum grip. The tire sizes are 205 at the front and 235 at the rear, both set on 15-inch wheels. The asymmetric tread pattern is a standout design, with last year's Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT driver Fujino winning the championship on these tires.

The PROXES R888R, a motorsport tire that offers near-S tire grip despite being a radial tire, is notable for its performance-driven tread pattern. This visual appeal makes it popular in both racing and custom scenes.

Last season, Mike competed in the global pro-drift championship "FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN (FDJ)." Following his participation in Pikes Peak last year, Mike plans to increase his presence in overseas events, leading him to forgo a full-season entry. Instead, he has decided to compete in the D1 Grand Prix, an event that has long intrigued him.

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