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Tilt tokyo Spring/Summer 2024

Tiit Tokyo made a significant mark in the world of fashion with the unveiling of their 2024 Spring/Summer Collection, a collaborative effort by Shou Iwata and Hiroshi Takizawa. The runway show, held on Thursday, August 24, 2023, at the New Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium, showcased a blend of nostalgia and Western influences.

Drawing inspiration from the frontier era of the American West and the film "Nomadland," the collection embodied the theme of 'NOSTALGIA.' It portrayed the resilient lifestyle of Fern, a nomadic worker traversing the American West while embracing the challenges of her journey. The runway, adorned with fallen leaves, echoed the grandeur of nature as models strutted in Western-inspired attire.

Western fashion elements infused the collection, with standout pieces like jumper skirts featuring Western horse prints cinched with black laces. The incorporation of pioneer-era details, such as zigzag-patterned jackets and loosely knitted mesh knitwear, left a lasting impression, reflecting the spirit of perseverance through harsh environments.

The color palette, reminiscent of the American West's vast landscapes, centered around natural beige tones with accents of khaki and grey, complemented by vibrant blue pieces inspired by the sky.

In a groundbreaking move, Tiit Tokyo introduced its first-ever range of accessories and bags, including bejeweled chokers, earrings, and leather bags. These accessories added a modern touch to the country-inspired ambiance of the collection.

Shou Iwata emphasized the brand's commitment to refining its unique creations and defining its audience. Drawing from their own worldview, Tiit Tokyo aimed to solidify its identity by carefully selecting elements that resonate with their vision and align with their goals, thereby strengthening their brand with each collection.

Overall, Tiit Tokyo's 2024 Spring/Summer Collection showcased a harmonious blend of nostalgia, Western influences, and modern sophistication, reaffirming the brand's position in the fashion industry.

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