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Tae Ashida 2019 A/W at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo

Tae Ashida's runway shows continue to be a staple at Tokyo Fashion Week as she returned to the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi to present her latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2019. After showing at The National Art Center last season, she went back to familiar surroundings. What wasn't familiar was her presentation of menswear pieces for the first time.

The move into menswear happens at a defining moment for the Ashida name. After the passing of her father a year ago, acclaimed designer Jun Ashida, she is now responsible for two brands. This collection included sprinkles of pinks, purples, and shades of yellow. Panther and butterfly prints as well as camel coats also made an appearance.

Legendary Japanese model Ai Tominaga concluded the show in what could be called a silver streak.

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