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Max Mara 2021 Spring/Summer Ready To Wear

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Max Mara presented its Spring/Summer 2021 collection on September 24th in Milan, Italy.

Women of the Renaissance as well as resurrection, regeneration and reconstruction were pivotal themes for Max Mara’s latest aesthetic. The brand tries to answer the question as to what clothes to wear when embarking on the task of making the world a better place. The focus is on the indomitable heroine who went through the Renaissance which was influenced by artist Corin Sworn, who was the 5th Edition winner of the Max Mara Art Prize For Women (2013-2015).

Her multimedia installation, "Silent Sticks," was inspired by an early form of professional theatre called "Commedia dell'arte," which originated in Italy during the Renaissance. Themes of identity, sexuality, conspiracy, and tragedy are explored. Comedy, desire, magic and other themes are also reiterated. Max Mara's concept corresponds this aesthetic.

Contrast edging and partially placed patchwork are decorated with intricately patterned damask, reminiscent of the goldwork of the Palazzo Ducale di Mantova in the Italian commune of Mantua. The pictorial color palette is a blend of oak, umbra, siena, lamp black, and white with subtle blurs, resembling Umbrian frescoed pastel.

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