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Marimekko 2024 Spring/Summer

Updated: Jun 10

On May 18th, the Finnish design house Marimekko unveiled its 2024 Spring/Summer collection with a runway show at the multi-purpose facility "WITH HARAJUKU," situated in front of Harajuku Station. While the brand had previously presented its 2024-2025 Autumn/Winter collection at "Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo by R" in March, this event marked its first public open-air fashion show in Japan. The weekend-long celebration also honored the 60th anniversary of the brand’s iconic Unikko print.

In Helsinki, Finland, Marimekko celebrates its founding each May with "Marimekko Day." This year, similar celebratory events have been held in other Asian countries, including China and Thailand.

Approximately 500 guests gathered at the venue. Some were informed about the show through dedicated websites, social media, and email newsletters, while others discovered it serendipitously while shopping at the facility. Although the majority of the crowd comprised women in their 20s and 30s, the openness of the event attracted a diverse audience.

The show commenced with a live performance by The's, a rockabilly band formed in 1986. Rebekka Bay, Marimekko's Creative Director, explained the choice of the band: "Just like Marimekko, they have carved out their own unique path in Japan."

Marimekko showcased 30 looks primarily from its currently available 2024 Spring/Summer collection. The garments featured vibrant spring and summer hues, boldly printed Unikko-patterned dresses, loose silhouette open-collared shirts, and relaxed shorts with a pajama-like feel.

"We wanted to demonstrate that Marimekko can be worn by anyone, using a diverse range of models. Each model has a unique personality, and we hoped to showcase that through the clothing," explained Bay.

Additionally, she noted that The's were dressed in new denim pieces from the 2024-2025 Autumn/Winter collection, referred to as "Maridenim." "They embody how well the clothes suit them, so let's call this 'Maridenim in Action'!" she smiled.

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