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KEISUKEYOSHIDA 2024-25 Autumn/Winter Collection

Keisuke Yoshida unveiled his 2024-25 Autumn/Winter Collection, a nostalgic reflection on his student days at Rikkyo Gakuin, where he spent 16 formative years. The runway, set at the Ikebukuro campus of Rikkyo University, echoed sentiments of returning to his alma mater.

Drawing from his own experiences, Yoshida reconstructed school uniforms into modern ensembles, symbolizing his introspection on feelings of inferiority during his student years. Accessories like ties and backpacks added authentic touches, while scarves from a collaboration with fellow student Yutaka Kodama of Fluss evoked personal memories.

Incorporating Christian motifs, such as choir robes, Yoshida's collection also paid homage to Rikkyo Gakuin's educational ethos. Vibrant hues like red and purple, inspired by childhood memories, contrasted with a predominantly basic color palette.

Models exuded elegance in draped dresses and coats, reminiscent of teachers or clergy from Yoshida's past. The collaboration with Leopolda Duchemin for styling and Chouaib Arif for casting added a global touch to the collection.

After the show, Yoshida's poignant release reflected on reconciling past grievances and embracing fond memories, affirming his growth and vision for the future. The invitation featured a childhood photo, encapsulating nostalgia and aspiration.

The KEISUKEYOSHIDA 2024-25 Autumn/Winter Collection is a testament to Yoshida's journey, sure to resonate with his customer base.

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