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FUELFEST JAPAN 2023: A Grand Celebration of Automobiles at Fuji Speedway

Updated: Jul 2

On August 11th, FUELFEST JAPAN, the world's largest car festival, took place at Fuji Speedway. This event, organized by Tomoya Ichiraku's company, Kamiwaza-Japan, based in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, featured Hollywood stars Sun Kang (Han), Tyrese Gibson (Roman), and Cody Walker, brother of the late Paul Walker. The festival, spanning five countries, is a grand celebration of automobiles on a global scale.

The event drew in 40,000 spectators, immersing them in a cinematic automotive experience. With an admission fee of 33,000 yen per car, groups could attend at a reduced per-person cost, making it an affordable and unforgettable summer experience.

Highlights included a special live performance by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, over 2,000 showcased show cars, supercar driving sessions, 0-200m street drag races, a drift area featuring Formula Drift, and a diverse range of activities. The food area boasted 50 vendors from across the country, providing a gastronomic delight.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, renowned for her performance at Coachella 2022 and her live show at the FONDA THEATRE in Los Angeles, captivated audiences with her music live performance.

The "FAMOUS CAR RUN" featured globally renowned vehicles in action at Fuji Speedway, while the 0-200m drag race showcased thrilling showdowns such as "Supercar vs Domestic," "Lamborghini vs Ferrari," and "McLaren vs Supra."

A groundbreaking drag race featured the latest models: Countach LPI800-4 BluHal against the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Bleu Centenaire, marking a world-first spectacular showdown.

In tribute to Paul Walker, the "For PAUL" area commemorated the 10th anniversary of his passing, with three Toyota Supras showcased, thanks to the support of Toyota Motor Corporation.

The Parade Run, featuring over 1,100 show cars, created a powerful spectacle as they took on the circuit, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for families.

FUELFEST JAPAN also offered a variety of participation options, including Show Car Entry, VIP Shooter Area Entry, and General Admission, ensuring an inclusive and memorable experience for all attendees.

Event Overview:

  • Date: August 11th, 2023 

  • Venue: Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka Prefecture

  • Organizer: Kamiwaza-Japan Co., Ltd.

  • For more information, visit FUELFEST JAPAN.

This event continues to honor the legacy of Paul Walker, with a portion of the proceeds supporting ROWW (Reach Out World Wide), the disaster relief organization he founded. With over 2,000 cars, including those from the "Fast & Furious" films, FUELFEST JAPAN remains a unique celebration of automotive culture.

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