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colorless - TIFF 2019

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

First time director Takashi Koyama found his actress for his debut film “colorless” on instagram. During a press conference, he recounted the story of approaching Ruka Ishikawa who plays Yuka Tanaka, through her social media account. The director revealed that he had to insist he was not a pervert and was honestly trying to find an actress for his film. Actor Daichi Kaneko was casted in a more traditional method.

Koyama stayed humble and simply said he hoped viewers enjoy the film. The two stars, Ishikawa and actor Kaneko, who plays an aspiring photographer in the film, echoed his sentiments.

In the film Kaneko plays Shuji Oyamada who meets an aspiring model and actress Yuka Tanaka, played by Ishikawa. Their first photoshoot includes exchanges between the two, with lines like “You look cuter when you look more natural” which the character of Oyamada tells Tanaka in order to improve the photoshoot. He further adds “Be lazy. Think “I’m hungry” or something.” Later, she replies “People say I have a sunny disposition.”

The film explores darker tones of identity, deceit and what lengths Tanaka must go to for achieving her dream. The acting performances were quite strong, especially Ishikawa as the small-town girl pursuing her dreams in the big city. Koyama also shows some good prowess in his feature film debut.

From L to R: Ruka Ishikawa, Daichi Kaneko, Takashi Koyama

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