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BASICKS 2023 Spring/Summer Runway Show

The BASICKS brand by Masanori Morikawa held its first runway show at Rakuten Fashion Week for the 2023 Spring/Summer season. The collection was presented at the DHL Tokyo Distribution Center in Shinkiba, Tokyo, on Thursday, September 1st, 2022. Apparently, this was the first time a Japanese fashion brand has held a show at a logistics facility.

In 2020, Morikawa shuttered his brand Christian Dada which he had been running for about 10 years, and in 2021, he launched Basicks with his own funds. The brand offers everyday practical wear with a caveat on what Morikawa considers basic design. It also features environmentally friendly materials such as organic and sustainable fabrics.

The brand’s first show was realized with the firm support of DHL, which endorses the brand’s sustainable manufacturing. Tony Khan, the president of DHL Express Japan commented “Fashion and logistics are different fields, but consideration for the environment is a common issue. We have been in contact with Mr. Morikawa for some time, and we would like to continue to support his “positive fashion” initiative.” He added “Although the fashion and logistics industries are different, they share a common commitment to sustainability.”

The first look showed a white tank top and jeans, a look that for most epitomizes “basic.” The following looks were also based on the brand’s standard denim, paired with denim and leather jackets. The jacket and pants, which were made by reconstructing old Levi’s 501s, was a symbol of the brand concept.

For this collection, a collaboration with sports apparel/equipment manufacturer Umbro was offered, including T-shirts, jackets, tracksuits, and pants. All the pieces had the “o” in the “Umbro” logo changed to a heart symbol.

Military wear was also featured in this season’s collection with a variety or looks. Tailored jackets were paired with military-inspired skirts. Rugged camouflage-patterned shirts were also paired with knee-high boots for a more modern aesthetic. These items also firmly reflect the spirit of the brand which is upcycling.

Another collaboration was with DHL, the venue for the event. DHL uniforms that were to be discarded were used for bra tops, halter tops, denim pants, and dresses. At the end of the event, a pile of DHL uniforms placed in the center of the venue turned out to be a crinoline dress. The show portrayed creativity, entertainment and a conscious of sustainability.

Morikawa said, “The fashion show was a great success. He also added, “There have not been many fashion shows that have touched on surplus inventory, so I hope that this will trigger people to think about sustainability, if not only to just raise the issue itself.”

The company aims to expand globally with a focus on Asia. Morikawa also plans to launch a new brand specializing in more unique designs, which will have the opposite concept of his Basicks brand. Expectations are high for what kind of creations he will show us under his new brand.

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