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AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL 2024 Event Highlights

Updated: Jun 26

The "AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL” which celebrates automobiles and the culture surrounding them, commenced on April 12th, 2024, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture. Running until April 14th, the event features a nostalgic array of heritage cars, engaging talk shows, and live music performances. The theme for this year's event is "Beyond Cars, Enjoying Cars: Classic Meets Modern and Future."

Record Participation

The number of exhibitors at AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL 2024 has reached a new high, with 113 participants, surpassing the 109 exhibitors from 2023. This includes Japanese car manufacturers, importers, new-generation vehicles, and heritage car dealers (including SUV dealers). The ART COUNCIL, which features contemporary art, has expanded to include eight galleries. The marketplace for automotive-related products has grown from 26 to 34 exhibitors, and the number of food vendors has increased from four to nine.

Exhibits from Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Honda

Prominent automobile manufacturers, importers, and new-generation vehicle companies are participating. The event not only highlights heritage cars that excited children during the supercar boom but also features concept cars from past Tokyo Motor Shows and the latest electric vehicles (EVs).

Heritage Cars for Sale

Many of the heritage cars on display are available for purchase, with some already sold. The event offers a diverse range of vehicles, from affordable models to those with astonishing prices, allowing attendees to appreciate the breadth of automotive culture. For those who cannot take a car home, there are also mini cars and other merchandise available for sale.

Tribute to Ayrton Senna

This year's event includes four distinct vehicle categories, with a special display commemorating the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's passing in 1994. The exhibit features Senna's historic F1 machines, evoking memories of Honda F1's golden era that captivated the nation.

Talk Sessions Available on YouTube

Throughout the event, a series of seven talk sessions titled "The Joy of Cars: Current State and Future of the Automotive World" will be held. These sessions, featuring experts from various fields, will be broadcast for free on the official YouTube channel, "AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL Channel," and will also be available for archived viewing after the event.

Exhibits and Activities

The event features a diverse array of heritage and new cars from manufacturers and importers, available for both display and purchase. In addition to the automotive exhibits, attendees can enjoy live music performances, record concerts, celebrity talk sessions, food, art, and automotive-related merchandise. This comprehensive celebration of automotive culture brings together various elements related to cars.

Official Support and Event Growth

The event has garnered new support from the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, further embodying its theme of "Beyond Cars, Enjoying Cars." This additional backing has contributed to the event's growing popularity and excitement.

Top Attractions and Highlights

  1. Porsche Lifestyle "Turbo No.1 Collection": Porsche Japan launched the Porsche Lifestyle "Turbo No.1 Collection" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911 Turbo, drawing significant interest with 271 points.

  2. Unexpected Nissan Primera Display: The Nissan booth at AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL 2024 surprised attendees with a display of the Nissan Primera, highlighting the diverse range of heritage cars present at the event with 124 points.

  3. Honda's Civic Showcase: Honda's booth featured a lineup of three iconic Civic models—the first-generation Civic, third-generation Civic, and the latest Civic prototype—emphasizing the brand's "sports" DNA with 41 points.

  4. Classic Rally Cars: The event also showcases numerous heritage rally cars, including a 1970s Lancia and a 2000s Mitsubishi Lancer, appealing to World Rally Championship fans. This segment received 32 points.

  5. Maserati's Customization Program: Maserati presented its unique customization program, "Maserati Fuoriserie," aligning with the event's theme. This attracted notable attention with 31 points.

The event’s goal is to continually captivate car enthusiasts and cultural aficionados alike, offering a rich blend of automotive history, innovation, and lifestyle.

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