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AKIKOAOKI 2020 Spring/Summer Fashion Show

Akiko Aoki presented her Spring/Summer 2020 collection for her namesake brand "AKIKOAOKI" at Studio Mouris in Roppongi, Tokyo. The models walked between mirrors which seemed to distort the audience. They also wore silver eyeliner and bundled up hairdos for the show.

The title of the collection was "Uniform" which harkened back to Aoki's school days. Of course, everything was updated for the current fashion climate. Layered garments and cut away pieces with long skirts characterized the show.

RMK styled the models with nude cosmetics, the aforementioned silver eyeliner and wet, polished hairstyles.

It was a small and intimate show over a month before Tokyo Fashion Week and Rakuten's debut as the sponsor for Japan's premier fashion event.

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