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ACUOD by CHANU 2019 A/W at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Chanu, a Korean designer based in Tokyo, held his 6th show at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. The title of his most recent show for Autumn/Winter 2019 was "KNOCK OUT YOUR FAKES". Counterfeits, fakes and knock offs seem to be as prevalent as ever in the fashion world, especially with sneakers and hypebeast fashion. Fakes and just authenticity in general were addressed in ACUOD by CHANU's latest offering. Realness leads to longevity.

As with previous Chanu shows, it began with an energetic dance performance. The dance group consisted of KTR and other members. EXILE's Nesmith opened the show wearing a metallic coat and Chanu's trademark zippers running over the arms and back.

The other looks consisted of calfskin coats, military coats, and other leather coats. The tradition of customizing sneakers also continued with the show. Past Chanu's shows included customized Nikes and this time they were Adidas.

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