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Bathing Ape Spring/Summer 2024 Collection - First ever Runway Show in Tokyo

A Bathing Ape's Spring/Summer 2024 Collection was presented on August 31st, 2023, at the Yoyogi Second Gymnasium in Tokyo.

The show marks the brand’s first ever in Tokyo and follows up the Bape Heads Show held in New York two months earlier.

Since its brand debut in 1993, A BATHING APE has been leading pioneer in Japanese and global street fashion. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the show in Tokyo was a first for the brand. The show was organized into four distinct sections and featured a runway presentation in the stadium venue of Yoyogi Second Gymnasium.

This show was also held as part of the continuing "by R" project, an initiative by e-commerce giant Rakuten introduced in 2019 when they took over sponsorship of Tokyo Fashion Week,  to support Japanese fashion brands.

The models entered through a traditional Japanese gate with lanterns hanging from tiled roofs, walking under a traditional shop curtain. In the first section, the collection featured their ubiquitous camouflage patterns, known as "Bape Camo," on sweatshirts, along with blue checkered jackets and pants adorned with sparkling embellishments. The designs showcased the brand's distinctive motifs and the enduring street-style essence that has been a part of it since its inception.

They also revealed a MSCHF collaboration where the red color of the originals were replaced with that Bape Camo. These were worn together with what we can only call “jorts.” These are jean shorts for the uninitiated. 

In the opening of the second part, models carrying bags with multiple basketballs made their appearance. The brand, which has gained a cult-like popularity since its inception, is also a favorite among NBA and NBL players. The looks here seemed to showcase the global basketball scene.

Some examples showed a combination of a white T-shirt, baggy pants and a basketball uniform, or looks pairing a varsity jacket with shorts. Some models even carried basketballs, creating a runway reminiscent of basketball players walking down a court.

When the lights dimmed, the soundtrack changed as models dressed in girly attire emerged from behind the curtains. In a stark contrast to the previous segment, the atmosphere shifted dramatically as models showcased styles that combined street and feminine elements. Denim mini dresses, cropped T-shirts paired with pleated skirts, and other outfits created a lively and vibrant atmosphere in the venue. It definitely gave some streetwear “Barbie” vibes.

The conclusion of the show revealed oversized shark hoodies with wings.  The hood was especially enlarged to create outfits resembling shark costumes.  The rest of the models joined in the finale and formed a circle in the venue to close out the show. 

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