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50 Top Pizza Asia - Pacific 2024

Updated: Jun 29

At the prestigious 50 TOP PIZZA ASIA-PACIFIC 2024 ceremony, held on March 4th at the Italian Cultural Institute, Tokyo's "Pizza Bar on 38th" emerged victorious once again, clinching the title of the best pizzeria in the Asia-Pacific region for 2024. This accolade comes as a follow-up to its recognition at the same event last year.

Led by Executive Chef Daniele Carsano of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, "Pizza Bar on 38th" holds the distinction of being the world's smallest pizzeria, boasting only eight seats. Despite its diminutive size, the establishment has cemented its reputation as a culinary powerhouse, securing the top spot for the second consecutive year.

In the closely watched rankings, "Crosta Pizzeria" in Makati, Philippines, under the supervision of Yuichi Ito, claimed the second position. Notably, Mr. Ito also received the esteemed "Pizza Maker of the Year 2024 - Ferrarelle Award." Following closely behind was "RistoPizza" in Tokyo, a newly opened venture by Giuseppe Elichele.

The Asia-Pacific region, comprising 17 countries, saw Japan leading the pack with 13 establishments making it to the coveted list. Australia followed suit with 10 entries, while Thailand secured 5 spots. Additionally, Azerbaijan and Vietnam made their debut with one pizzeria each. Tokyo, known as a mecca for exceptional pizza, demonstrated its dominance with 9 pizzerias featured in the guide.

Reflecting on the event, the curators - Barbara Gera, Luciano Pignataro, and Alberto Sapere - expressed their gratitude for the warm reception in Tokyo. They extended their appreciation to Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti, Professor Silvana De Maio, and the staff of the Italian Cultural Institute for their support. Minister Francesco Lollobrigida's presence underscored the significance of the occasion, emphasizing the importance of pizza in Italy's agricultural industry.

Looking ahead, the top 13 establishments from the "50 TOP PIZZA ASIA - PACIFIC 2024" ranking are gearing up to participate in the "100 Best Pizzerias in the World" event, scheduled for September 10th in Naples. Additionally, in light of the inaugural selection of the best pizzeria from Latin America, the next 50 Top Pizza event will be broadcast live from Rio de Janeiro on April 17th, promising an exciting showcase of global culinary excellence.

Below is the complete ranking of "50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific 2024":

1 Pizza Bar on 38th - Tokyo, Japan

2 Crosta Pizzeria - Makati, Philippines

3 RistoPizza - Tokyo, Japan

4 Fiata by Salvatore Fiata - Hong Kong, China

5 (tie) 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar - Melbourne, Australia

5 (tie) Tai Al Taglio - Sydney, Australia

6 Dante's Pizzeria Napoletana - Auckland, New Zealand

7 Massilia - Bangkok, Thailand

8 Pizzeria Braceria CESARI!! - Nagoya, Japan

9 Bottega - Beijing, China

10 Pizzeria Mazzie - Bangkok, Thailand

11 Spacca Napoli - Seoul, South Korea

12 a mano - Makati, Philippines

13 Da Susy - Gurugram, India

14 Pizza Strada - Tokyo, Japan

15 La Bottega Enoteca - Singapore

16 Il Caffe - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

17 BACI - Hong Kong, China

18 PST - Pizza Studio Tamaki - Tokyo, Japan

19 Pizzeria da Tigre - Osaka, Japan

20 Le Parùle Baku - Baku, Azerbaijan

21 L’OLIVA - Bangkok, Thailand

22 Andrea Style - Taipei, Taiwan

23 Queen Margherita of Savoy - Sydney, Australia

24 Little Napoli - Hong Kong, China

25 MASSIMOTTAVIO - Tokyo, Japan

26 Pizzeria Peppe - Napoli Sta' Ca” - Tokyo, Japan

27 Lil Franky Pizzeria - Sydney, Australia

28 L'INSIEME - Tokyo, Japan

29 La Tripletta - Tokyo, Japan

30 Gigi's - Sydney, Australia

31 Il Caminetto - Melbourne, Australia

32 Shop225 - Melbourne, Australia

33 +39 Pizzeria - Melbourne, Australia

34 Five Olives - Phuket, Thailand

35 Pizzeria e Trattoria da ISA - Tokyo, Japan

36 Pizzeria da CIRO - Kyoto, Japan

37 Fresca - Jordan Valley, Israel

38 Marni - Phuket, Thailand

39 La Piedra - Jerusalem, Israel

40 Pizzeria Cavalese - Jakarta, Indonesia

41 Lilian - Auckland, New Zealand

42 Beintema's - Bandung, Indonesia

43 Maestro Sourdough Pizza - Perth, Australia

44 Leo’s - New Delhi, India

45 SOLO Pizza Napulitana - Kuwait City, Kuwait

46 Proof Pizza and Wine - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

47 Wild Flour Italian - Taguig, Philippines

48 Margheri - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

49 A16 - Yokohama, Japan

50 (tie) Pizza Madre - Sydney, Australia

50 (tie) Tai Ben's Pizzeria - Jakarta, Indonesia

50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific 2024 Special Awards:

One to Watch 2024 - Monte Bussan Award

Recipient: Fresca - Jordan Valley, Israel

Pizza Maker of the Year 2024 - Ferrarelle Award

Recipient: Yuichi Ito - Crosta Pizzeria - Makati, Philippines

New Entry of the Year 2024 - Solania Award

Recipient: Le Parùle Baku - Baku, Azerbaijan

Best Fried Food - Il Fritturista 2023 - Oleificio Zucchi Award

Recipient: Massilia - Bangkok, Thailand

Pizza of the Year 2024 - Latteria Sorrentina Award

Recipient: Provolra e Pepe - Fiata by Salvatore Fiata - Hong Kong, China

Performance of the Year 2024 - Robo Award

Recipient: Spacca Napoli - Seoul, South Korea

Best Dessert List 2024 - Cremoso - La Dispensa Award

Recipient: Pizzeria Braceria CESARI!! - Nagoya, Japan

Best Beer Service 2024 - Peroni Nastro Azzurro Award

Recipient: 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar - Melbourne, Australia

Pizza Community 2024 - Stefano Ferrara Forni Award


  • Al Taglio - Sydney, Australia

  • Shop225 - Melbourne, Australia

  • Lil Franky Pizzeria - Sydney, Australia

  • Maestro Sourdough Pizza - Perth, Australia

  • Il Caminetto - Melbourne, Australia

  • +39 Pizzeria - Melbourne, Australia

  • Gigi's - Sydney, Australia

  • Queen Margherita of Savoy - Sydney, Australia

  • Dante's Pizzeria Napoletana - Auckland, New Zealand

50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific - Green Oven 2024 - Goeldlin Award


  • Al Taglio - Sydney, Australia

Project Partners:

Pastificio Di Martino, Ferrarelle, Latteria Sorrentina, Oleificio Zucchi, Solania, Robo 1938, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Cremoso - La Dispensa, Goeldlin, Fedegroup, Monte Bussan, Stefano Ferrara Forni

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