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el conductorH 2022 Fall/Winter Collection

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

el conductorH held its 2022 Fall/Winter Collection Runway Show at Club eX, a live event hall located at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo.

This was their 3rd such presentation for Tokyo Fashion Week under the Rakuten umbrella. All of the presentations have been held under the current pandemic conditions.

Designer Shintaro Nagamine launched the brand in 2017 focusing on creative designs using original textiles and special processing methods. Mixed tweed and bondage pieces with a punk aesthetic being major characteristics of the brand.

The name and theme of the latest collection was entitled “LOVE” which was most represented by red balloons hanging above the ceiling of the circular hall. These balloons contained heart-shaped confetti which intentionally became a main component of the show when the balloons were broken. The designer sought to show all aspects of love including negative emotions such as hatred, envy and resentment.

Through the garments, the polarity of beautiful and destructive feelings being cut out of the same cloth, where love can go into scorn, and clashing sentiments, were portrayed. The atmosphere had a sense of style and debauchery.

Small decorative additions were spread throughout the collection. These included star-shaped studs running down boot-cut pants while shirts and dresses incorporated Baroque prints such as barbed wire and mirrored images.

The continuing theme of duality was directly represented in some of the outerwear pieces with patterns and colors vertically split. One was a long faux fur coat boldly switching between a tiger motif and deep black. There was also a red and black color-blocked blouson with white accented piping on the shoulders.

We also had a see-through sheer blouson with metallic zippers and belts coordinated with a classic tartan check pleated skirt. Tweed was included with a blended jacket and shorts ensemble.

Nagamine put a twist on the utility piece with a leather bondage front multipocketed vest worn with solid back skirt.

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